NATO JEWCS was formed in July 2006 from the former Multi-Service Electronic Warfare Support Group (MEWSG), the NATO Emitter Data Base (NEDB) staff and other EW personnel. Combining several NATO EW elements in one organisation allows more efficient support to NATO commands and Headquarters in this specialist area.

MEWSG had been created as the Maritime EW Support Group in 1983 to overcome shortcomings in NATO's ability to train its forces in all aspects of EW. Its mission was to provide a realistic hostile electromagnetic environment in which NATO forces can conduct training, and exercise their units in all aspects of warfare. MEWSG became the Multi-Service EW Support Group in 1990 when Land assets were added to the inventory. Initially based at MEWSG Land Detachment, Anzio, Italy from 1993, these have moved to Yeovilton as part of the formation of JEWCS.

Future developments

NATO JEWCS will continue to be involved in Command & Control Warfare exercise play assisting NATO Reaction Forces and other NATO formations preparation for all forms of Operations. JEWCS will also develop a cadre of experienced EW personnel at high readiness to deploy to assist the planning and conduct of EW elements of NATO operations.


The NATO JEWCS Headquarters and Operating Base is at the Royal Naval Air Station at Yeovilton, UK. While the equipment is capable of use in all environments, TRACSVANs are used primarily in support of maritime and air defence exercises and NEWVANs for communications surveillance and jamming in support of land and amphibious exercises. The PODS are designed to be carried by military or commercial contract aircraft and are variously capable of missile/radar simulation and radar jamming.

Emulates the EW threat by

Locating and identifying exercise emitters,
Simulating threat emitters,
Jamming radars,
Jamming and spoofing communications,
Jamming data links

Updated: 28 July 2006